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If the social e-world often leaves you feeling cold and passive, you probably haven't been part of a Tweet-Up. And tomorrow evening, TweetNetworking will be employing the power of the Tweet-Up to ensure that social media users can make real contributions to society.Tweet-Ups mend the disconnect caused by sites like Twitter and Facebook by using the popular social networking sites to bring real social networking to your local pub or park. It's become a wildly successful way for individuals to start their own in-person chat rooms, creating a relaxed atmosphere for professionals from all realms to create and foster relationships.Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran of the social media experience, on June 17, TweetNetworking welcomes networkers of all stripes to TweetNetworking (For a Cause) . Drop by Catalyst Ranch, 656 W. Randolph St., around 6 p.m., and a $10 general admission at the door will not only get you your share of drinks, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and conversation, but also will help raise money and awareness for the local Chicago non-profit Dreams For Kids . Dreams For Kids hopes to "empower young people of all abilities through dynamic leadership programs and life-changing activities that inspire them to fearlessly pursue their dreams and compassionately change the world."Here's your chance to prove Tweeters have a heart. All are encouraged to register here . Where I've Been will be there to chat and answer any questions you might have about social media, too. Register today, and we'll see you tomorrow!
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