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Touting Time: Travel Rants

Make no mistake: Traveling is fantastic, but until you arrive at your dream destination your trip can be saddled with stress and red tape. You can often sense the palpable confusion and frustration from the moment you step into the airport. But does it always have to be this way? That's where Darren Cronian at Travel Rants comes in.

The bitter, neglected voice for the afflicted traveler, Travel Rants acts as a consumer reporter and gut-check for companies who don't fulfill their promises. His watchful eye feels especially necessary during the recession, where travelers are probably more inclined to have expectations for their hard-earned money.

No one is immune from Cronian's criticism, including fellow bloggers, travel agents or passport agencies, which makes him a trustworthy voice for the latest happenings in the travelsphere. He also conducts informative interviews with travel experts and company representatives.

Perhaps the most helpful feature of Travel Rants is its handy selection of personal travel guides, such as Coping With Jet Lag, tips on traveling alone and How to Travel Green. Each guide is thoughtful and fairly comprehensive and seems to come from a well-weathered traveler.

But Cronian doesn't want to be the only watchful consumer--he fully encourages his readers to let go on a rant when the spirit moves them. In this post he provides all sort of potential outlets for travelers to step on the soapbox.

And so we salute Darren Cronian's Travel Rants blog for remaining steadfast and fearless in his pursuit of a stress-free journey--is that so much to ask?--as well as his undying dedication to his fellow consumers and travelers. Cheers, Darren.

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