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Touting Time: On This Very Spot

There's something oddly universal about the desire to plant our feet where giants once did; if we're superstitious enough, maybe we think that walking in the same footsteps as John Lennon in Strawberry Fields will allow us to capture something magical like the Beatles did. Or perhaps our being there binds us to his music and circumstances more than we thought could happen.

Whatever the case, On This Very Spot recognizes this innate human desire, and they're doing all in their power to help us realize its possibilities. On This Very Spot compiles hundreds of landmarks throughout history, from historical events to death sites to film locations, and gives you a handy scorecard of why each spot is significant and how to get there.

Most travel guides might give you a rundown of some ruins on a historical site, and that's all fine and good. But how about the spot where Harry Potter boarded the Hogwarts Express? Or the exact place where the ice cream cone was invented? Or, if you're feeling particularly morbid or want to pay your respects, the hotel where Anna Nicole Smith died? They've collected a comprehensive rolodex for virtually any point of interest.

In a way it feels like it could morph into an obsessive read for hobbyists and celeb-o-philes, and the user-generated content platform may welcome such folks. But it seems like the the keepers of On This Very Spot enact good judgment, so hopefully it's a way's away from "Visit where Jennifer Aniston got her mocha latte a few days ago." There is plenty of valuable information for curious travelers organized simply and intuitively. The site's design is nothing flashy, which (sadly) almost makes it hard to trust before we click. But a quick peek at each entry shows a great deal of care went into accurate storytelling and pinpointing where to go, with the city's top airports, public transit and geography all mapped out alongside pictures of the site.

The left sidebar on the site groups events, people and places in a wide variety of categories, which is almost begging for an hour of click-throughs. Like a lazy day on Wikipedia, it can be a blast getting lost in different places and personalities, learning about countless triumphs and tragedies.

If you've always wanted to walk in the footsteps of legends, there's no shame in it--On This Very Spot wants you to know it's a fully human trait. And who knows--maybe the spot you're sitting in right now will soon merit an entry in the site's hallowed archives.

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