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Touting Time: The Global Traveller

Here's a blog that has been chugging along under the radar: The Global Traveller. Since 2006, this site has been dispensing valuable tips and commentary on the travel industry. And just this year, they've kicked it into high gear with their new series, "How to Get To... "

It's simple in theory but it's massive in scope: The Global Traveller is breaking down the ways to visit the most treasured destinations, noting the airlines that fly there and the lowdown on the airports you'll have to encounter along the way. There's considerable knowledge to be gleaned from here, and the voice behind the writing seems to have a wide range of firsthand experience. Let's say you wanted to know about the easiest methods to travel to the deserts of Saudi Arabia. The guide comes from some serious know-how, which can be surmised from the first paragraph:

Saudi Arabia can be reached by ferry across the Red Sea, by land across most borders, or by air. Due to the great distances involved, bus travel to/from Riyadh or Jeddah and all neighbouring countries is long and slow. The trip between Dammam and Kuwait, Doha, Qatar or United Arab Emirates is comparatively much shorter. Visitors with evidence of having visited Israel are denied entry. There are no roads across the border with Oman (but travel via United Arab Emirates is fine), and the road across the Iraq border may or may not be open.
The Global Traveller has either made a few go-rounds of the Middle East or has done some extensive research on the subject; regardless, this is someone who knows what they're talking about, and the "How To Get To" guide is the ideal primer for someone looking to plant the seeds of a journey. At the end of each rundown of the relevant air carriers and stops, there's an extra handful of legitimately helpful tips--for example, did you know marketing companies offer cheap airfare package deals to Saudi Arabia during the season of the Hajj, the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca?

While the How To Get To guides have been a considerable chunk of the Global Traveller's recent content, there's plenty else the site offers in between. To wit, the cautious among us will want to check out the site's update on the world swine flu pandemic. Every so often, TGT will put forth an extensive look at important tools for travel fiends, called "Flyer Tips." I found the bit on airline revenue management to be particularly enlightening as it hashes out the economics of why our flights cost what they do, and it gives a funny imagined conversation to set the scene (and highlight just how ridiculous the booking process is).

So if you have your sights set on world domination or just a quick jaunt across the pond, the Global Traveller provides the perfect launching pad.

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