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Luxury Travel on a Backpacker Budget

Want to travel in luxury, but feel you’re limited because of your backpacker’s budget? Believe it or not, i t is possible to find inexpensive luxury travel, if you spend a little extra time searching for good deals. Getting the most value for your money is important no matter where you travel, but even more so if you’re considering luxury travel. Here are some tips and tricks to help you enjoy resort opulence on a hostelry budget.Last Minute Vacations One of the easiest ways to find great deals on luxury travel is by booking at the last minute, if your plans and schedule are flexible enough to allow you to do so. Sometimes, through booking at the last minute, you can save hundreds of dollars off your luxury vacation. The Internet can be a big help in finding great last minute deals on luxury travel. specializes in finding great deals on airfare, luxury resorts, car rentals, and more, and can be used as little as three hours before you plan to fly. Last second deals from $199 are even available here.Another site offering last minute vacation deals is This site is different in that is specializes in finding luxury resort deals. For example, a recent search found a five-star luxury hotel in Los Angeles starting at $155 USD per night, and a three-star luxury hotel on Miami Beach from $68 USD per night. Choose the Right Destination Savvy travelers know that the best way to travel luxuriously and cheaply is to choose a destination where the U.S. dollar currently enjoys a high value. If you choose to travel to Bail, Malaysia, the Philippines or Thailand, for example, your dollar will go much father and help you afford much more luxurious accommodations tha n it would in Europe or North America. Inna Grand Bali Beach, in Indonesia, is a five-star resort with a reasonable rate starting at just $66 USD per night. This resort houses luxurious amenities including a spa, golf course, swimming pool, and fine restaurant. Or you could choose to stay in the opulent Orient Palace Hotel located on the beach in Sousse, Tunisia, for rates starting at $58 USD per night. This luxurious resort offers guests amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, five fine restaurants, fitness center and salon/spa.

Photo credit: At certain times of the year, s ome destinations within the United States are discounted as well. Las Vegas and Atlantic City casino hotels often offer great deals through the week to attract visitors who could not normally afford such opulent accommodations. Typically, casino hotel rooms offer guests king size beds, in-room Jacuzzis and turn-down service, all luxurious amenities not found elsewhere. Signing up for a casino’s email alerts can let you know when their rates are discounted, sometimes at deals as low as $39 per night through the week. Check or for the latest casino hotel deals. File:Venetian hotel casino, Las Vegas, NV.jpg Photo Credit:,_Las_Vegas,_NV.jpg Travel at the Perfect Time If your travel schedule is flexible enough to allow you to choose the time of the year in which you plan to travel, you can save a bundle. Avoid the busiest seasons and holidays when looking for discount luxury travel. Each destination has a different peak season, so do a little research before planning you trip to steer clear of that time. Traveling just before or just after peak season can guarantee you the best prices. Sometimes luxury resorts will offer special packages off-season to entice those who would not normally be able to afford to stay there in-season. Consider a Luxury Travel Package If you choose carefully, you can sometimes find an entire luxury travel package, complete with airfare, accommodations, even a rental car, at a drastic discount off the regular price. Going through a trusted local travel agent is one way to do so, although chances are you’ll end up paying more than you would if you booked such a package yourself online. TravelWizard offers discounts on cruises, resorts, and entire luxury vacation packages to destinations all over the world. They claim to be able to save travelers 10% to 50% off advertised prices. Some of the do-it-yourself travel groups, such as Expedia or Priceline , can help you put together your own luxury vacation package at a discount. These sites offer reviews of luxury resorts, the best airline prices, and car rental discounts to enable you to create the ultimate inexpensive luxury vacation. Collect Frequent Flyer Miles Another way to enjoy luxury travel to a destination of your choosing at a great discount is to use f requent flyer miles . If you travel by air often enough to collect frequent flyer miles, they can really reduce the cost of your flight to your favorite luxury destination. While airlines do pose some restrictions on frequent flier miles (when they can be used, where they can be used, etc.), taking some time and doing some planning should enable you to use the se miles to fly to the destination of your choice at a time convenient for you . Make sure to use your frequent flyer miles b efore they begin to lose value, however. Some frequent flyer miles can also be earned by staying at hotels that offer you miles for each dollar you spend . Certain stores and restaurants will reimburse your loyalty through frequent flyer miles as well. Sites such as FrequentFlier and WebFlyer can help you make the most of your frequent flier opportunities. Look for special promotions to collect frequent flyer miles throughout the year, then once you’ve saved up, you’ll be able to fly to your luxury destination at a drastic discount. Opt for an All-Inclusive Luxury Resort All-inclusive luxury resorts are the perfect answer for those who want to prepay for their luxury vacation. With an all-inclusive vacation package, virtually everything is paid for ahead of time. Most all-inclusive luxury resort packages will cover accommodations, some meals and drinks per guest, activities, taxes, fees, tips, and sometimes airfare or other transportation if desired. With the economy lagging, some all-inclusive resorts have been offering huge discounts on their package prices. Again, if you can choose when you will travel, you can save a bundle on an all-inclusive luxury vacation package. One site on the Internet that helps travelers find the best all-inclusive vacation deals available is , which offers discounted all-inclusive luxury resort in Jamaica, Mexico, the Caribbean and elsewhere. Another such site is , offering package luxury all-inclusive deals on resort chains such as Sandals, Dreams, Palace, Excellence, Sunscape and more. Beware of Membership Fees and Travel Scams When you’re planning a luxury vacation, sometimes you might be tempted to take advantage of “membership deals” which guarantee to get you the lowest prices available. However, most of these sites will actually be taking advantage of you. Beware of “Travel Clubs” that want to charge you a $99 (or more) annual fee to become a member, thus guaranteeing you their “exclusive” discounts at luxury resorts. In addition to this overpriced membership fee, you’ll end up spending far more on their “discount luxury travel” than you would if you had just booked the trip yourself using a means that doesn’t charge an exorbitant fee. Unfortunately, there are all too many travel scams out there, with greedy individuals who are more than willing to take your money to guarantee you a “discount” luxury travel package. Remember that there’s no such thing as a “free” vacation. Don’t be tempted by those enticing offers that arrive by mail, email or via fax offering you a free luxury holiday. If they look too good to be true, that’s because they are. Avoid timeshare scams as well. While it might be tempting to stay a night in a luxury resort you otherwise would not be able to afford, remember that there’s always fine print to read. If you don’t fulfill all of the company’s requirements (stay at the timeshare program for a certain amount of time, tour a specified area, etc) you’ll be charged full price for the luxury room you occupied, and your discount luxury trip will suddenly become an expensive nightmare. Finally, while it’s a good idea to use reputable discount travel websites to assist you in finding a cheap luxury vacation, remember to use ones you’ve heard of, that have been proven tried and true by others. Sites like Priceline an Orbitz have been in business for a while and are known to be legitimate. Stay away from sketchy sites you’ve never heard of that have not been recommended to you by someone you trust. Taking some precautions and following these steps will ensure that you find the best priced luxury vacation that’s the most suitable for you. Like this post? 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