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Wisdom and a New Toy

Meh. I'm not really in a talky mood today so I'll just post wiser words of another:
The purpose of spiritual life is not to create some special state of mind. A state of mind is always temporary [remember that Rochelle!]. The purpose is to work directly with the most primary elements of our body and our mind, to see the ways we get trapped by our fears, desires, and anger, and to learn directly our capacity for freedom."
Jack Kornfield, A Path With Heart:
A Guide through the Perils and
Promises of Spiritual Life
Oh. And I'll post a picture of the Holga camera I purchased via Amazon. A frickin' FILM camera. A $27 "toy" camera that is a cult favorite among some real-live photographers. A heads up that, within the next month, you'll be seeing many more artsy-fartsy, what the fu....? black and whites on this blog... don't say I didn't warn you. Isn't it so homely that it's cute? If it had cheeks I'd pinch them - because that is exactly the kind of girl I am. My state of mind right now is that I am going to have fun with this new toy!


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