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Why oh why? An Intro

What is a self-respecting couch(chair)-potato like me doing writing a blog? After all, writing takes effort, it taxes my few remaining gray cells, it is very close to being p-p-productive. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to inflict my ramblings onto the unsuspecting web world.

So who's rambling?: I am a 40-something married-with-cat bookworm and writer-wanna-be (and rock star-wanna-be, but then I would have to learn how to play an instrument, as I can't sing, and at least writers get to sit down while they are working!). Currently, I am obsessed with Anais Nin (who was not a rock star but had the love life of one) and Henry Miller and writers they liked: D.H. Lawrence, Lawrence Durrell, etc. More on her later, in the meantime see, Also, I am now one of the unemployed masses (not a huge tragedy for a couch-potato but a bit of one for my worrier Husband) so I am doing the weekly unemployment hustle -- trying, oh so hard, to only apply for jobs that won't make me cry, "Ewwwww no-f*ck%ng way!" on the phone if called for an interview (that's a job-hunting "don't" by the way).
So what is my intent for this blog? To force/encourage me to write on a regular basis so that eventually I will no longer have to say to people, "I'm a Cog in the Machine but really I'm a writer-wanna-be", or "I always wanted to be a writer, unfortunately I'm an undisciplined lazy ass loser", or "Damn it! It's the end of the world and I never became a writer!" If some of my posts prove to be educational, inspiring, or enlightening in any way, it will be purely by accident.
Now back to my big chair with my scrawny, 20-year-old cat, Kashi, and D.H. Lawrence's, Lady Chatterley's Lover. (However, what I should be doing is cleaning our condo for our first "frugal potluck" gathering with friends interested in sustainable living [instigated by The Husband, go figure] and following the ideas in You're Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin, Comfy chair or cleaning -- anyone want to place bets on which will win out?!?).

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Why oh why? An Intro + writing