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Viva La Pasta!

There's no denying it: I love pasta. White pasta that's freshly made with eggs or those boxed ones made with 100% high quality durum semolina. None of that whole wheat brown shit stuff. When it comes to rice and bread - the two other important carbs for me - I've already switched to brown faster than Benedict Arnold could jump ship. But please leave my pasta alone!

I suppose this is turning out to be a tribute to all the pastas I made last week alone, which could possibly give any die-hard Atkins dieter a heart attack. I'm proud to say, though, that pretty much all the ingredients I used are from my fridge and pantry, except maybe for the clams (they were fresh). Hmmm, it's kind of weird I made all the sauce either oil-based or cream-based; no tomato sauce that week.

That's my fettucine alla carbonara with diced pancetta, my very weakness. It's easily 600 calories and upwards, but my excuse is: I'm breastfeeding. I need that extra 600 calories.
IMG_1300 carbonara
Next, came linguine with clams and chorizo sausage in white wine sauce. Of course that pancetta made an appearance once again. You can tell I like savoury, salty (briny) and smoky in a package, and this dish satiates my umami cravings.
IMG_6594 pasta clams chorizo pancetta
I guess I got tired of salty pancetta for a bit and switched my focus to pesto. This one is a mixture of basil, toasted pine nuts, garlic, Parmiggiano, and Pecorino-Romano cheeses. Sometimes I add a bit of green or black olives to my pesto for that meatier texture and for a more rounded flavour, even though I know that this is not traditionally Italian. But hey, I make my pesto in a chopper (I'm a busy mom), so might as well.
IMG_6685 pesto topping
I save my homemade pesto in a mason jar, but it's almost gone instantly. We like pesto pasta - clean, simple, tasty, and healthy.
IMG_6689 pesto
Sometimes, we get a little fancy and make pasta with pesto cream sauce. Then we add pieces of chicken breast and bacon like we did below. It makes for a hearty meal!
IMG_6725 pesto cream fork
This time around, I steamed a whole broccoli crown, mashed it, and stirred it with ricotta salata to make into a sauce. We had some leftover chicken pieces from the previous meal, so we added them as well. Again, another delicious meal in minutes.
IMG_6661 copy
Recipes can be found here:
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