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Urban Picnic

You wouldn't believe that the following photos were taken in Toronto instead of some Provençal city. Sometimes, when I feel like I need to get out and cool my head, I go to one of the city's many gardens. In this case, it is Toronto's Sculpture Garden, which even though fronts the very busy King Street East, is a quiet little haven inside.
IMG_4760 garden copy IMG_4757 patio2
For provisions, I stop at Balluchon, a cute little French café in my neighbourhood. There's my cheesy vegetarian croque monsieur with roasted tomatoes and spinach.
IMG_6773 croque
And a garlicky demi baguette of Oktoberfest sausage with creamed eggs and leeks.
IMG_6760 baguette
Water to down it all.
IMG_6784 bottles I feel like I am in Provence anyway.

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Urban Picnic + vegetarian