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Trois Maison d'hôtes in the French Countryside You'll Love

When you hear the words "French-country-cottage" strung together like this, do you fear floral curtains, blooming wallpaper, and toile cushions? Well, you won't when you see these maison d'hôtes conceived by some creative minds. The common thread among the three: a minimalist design that doesn't take away from the rustic feel of the countryside.

La Maison Pujol
A 30-something couple, steamrolled by city angst, followed their dreams to the wine region of Aude and conceptualized a guesthouse that is a unique blend of their ideas. This is the lowdown on the life an architect and a designer built for their children in a former winery just 10 minutes from the medieval town of Carcassone. Their desire is to share the happy contrast of La Maison Pujol to the quaintness of the surrounding landscape: a design combining earthy elements like stone and wood with the modernity of chrome and plastic. The same praise can be given to the heartachingly handsome kitchen - an amalgam of stainless steel, wood, and glass. Guests will feel absolutely at home in this friendly 5-room maison.
IMG maison
Les Sardines aux Yeux Bleus
She was a model; he, a photographer. They wanted a family, and the rest is, as they say, history. With history came a crumbling 17th century stone cottage in the Languedoc region along with an arsenal of do-it-yourself renovation books, and in sweet time, Les Sardines aux Yeux Bleus was created. The inner walls of the guesthouse were bestowed lustrous pastel hues that seem to only work in the sunny south of France, while the outer stone walls were sun-bleached a creamy shade. A lovely garden, a gorgeous pool, and the all-encompassing view of the countryside are luxuries that guests can enjoy amidst the 3 guest chambres and two individual apartments.
IMG sardine
La Maison Sur la Sorgue
What kind of guesthouse would you get from two globetrotting innkeepers with an affection for decorating? La Maison Sur la Sorgue, of course! It makes perfect sense that this maison d'hôte, located in the market village of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence, reflects the owners' passions. Naturally, the auberge is festooned with finds brought back from the couple's travels, although there is also their very own store next door that sells swag sourced from abroad. Moreover, Marie-Claude and Frédéric lovingly restored the 16th century historic mansion by maintaining elements of its past, such as the stone archway and grand staircase. They opted for a minimalist look with a touch of richness coming from materials like terracotta and varnished tiles from nearby Apt.
IMG sur la Sorgue
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Trois Maison d'hôtes in the French Countryside You'll Love + travel