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The Perminator

Who in the hell thought that permed pompadours were a good idea?

(yours truly, 1983, age 18, wearing my dad's NDSU jacket
[North Dakota State]. Now my husband wears it.)

Oh yeah, David Lynch....

Here I am a year later, my hand now tragically stuck in my perm, wearing my ripped-up Flashdance sweatshirt, multiple skinny belts, and John Lennonesque shades....

I would like to say that my hair styles got better after this... alas... not so much. My 20's and... well... 30's were basically spent making one hair and fashion mistake after another (note to self: big, jumper style dresses do not make you look thinner!). Maybe I'll divulge some of those catastrophes later. In the meantime, thanks for visiting my 80's flashback!

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