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The Florence Nightingale of Kitties

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I've been accepted as a volunteer at the Seattle Animal Shelter! There were 76 applications for 30 volunteer spots so I feel very fortunate. I'm assuming (and hoping) that I got into the Nine Lives program that nurses felines who aren't yet ready to be placed in the adoption area. I go to the Shelter 101 class this Saturday and then later take some training classes (how to give a cat a pill without losing any fingers or eyes, etc.)

Kashi ready for her medicine... not

I never did hear back from the assisted living place I contacted about reading to residents. That's OK - I'd rather read to kitties - they don't care what you do as long as you let them sit in your lap.

I also received my Holga 120N camera the other day. I've already shot three rolls of film (they are only 12 frames each) and have taken them to the developer. Now I have to wait until Tuesday to see if any turned out. (TUESDAY ! five days for pictures - how retro.) I really have low, downright abysmal, expectations. I took a lot of shots indoors with no flash - that could work with my now defunct digital but it doesn't seem as likely on this basic $27 plastic model (and having checked out a lot of Holga photo galleries online there seems to be a dearth of interior shots). Also I would forget to turn the lens to focus (you don't focus via the viewfinder but by the distance of the object) and I'd forget to wind the film, or I'd wind it too far, so -- it's going to be a mixed bag I'm sure. But it's all part of the learning process. Maybe I can practice taking arty pix of the cats in the shelter - Cats Behind Bars - The Untold Story! Stay tuned and have a wonderful weekend!

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The Florence Nightingale of Kitties + volunteering