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The Dreaded Call

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Perhaps when I was writing my resolutions for 2010 I should have clarified how exactly I wanted to step out of my comfort zone - I was thinking along the lines of career and creativity -- not death and dying.

In January our friend Ray passed away, at age 49, and on Tuesday Scott's sister Sue called to say that her husband was in hospice and he could pass on at any time. Dave was diagnosed with Parkinson's nearly 20 years ago, in his mid-40's, so although it wasn't totally unexpected -- somehow -- it is still never expected. Dave, a fire-jumper in college, then a lawyer (until Parkinson's made it impossible), husband, father, who is also a father figure to Scott, not only ignited Scott's interest in classical guitar but gave him his first guitar, is leaving us.

I almost didn't go with Scott to Oregon to say my good-byes. My aversion to deep, painful emotions and of feeling helpless. But I'm finally learning that sometimes all you have to do is show up - even if you have no wise words, or magic wand to make everything all better, and you just sit there like a lump in the hospice room. At least you're a friendly lump.

Dave is still hanging on and is fortunate to be surrounded 24/7 by his loving and devoted wife and daughters, family, and friends. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

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