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Sex and the City

Well, I am a big Sex and the City Fan. So naturally, I just had to watch the movie as soon as it premiered in the theatres. We had to get advanced tickets for the first night, and we went to the theatre more than an hour before showtime. See, I needed good seats to view all the fine details (bags, shoes, etc)!
The verdict? I may be biased... but the movie was abso-f***ing-lutely great! Even my husband, who I "dragged" (notice the quotation marks?) to the movie, thought it was great. This is not a spoiler, but in a nutshell, this movie will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride... in couture and stilettos, no less! At times predictable, but surely, the writers, producers, actors didn't miss a beat with this one! And having lived in NYC for some time (and subsequently being familiar with many neighbourhood gentrification, but that's another story), the movie took me back to many familiar places of the heart. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone.

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