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Riad Nights

The day was long and it was torrid. We wished for an asylum from the afternoon heat.

As the sun fled the Red City and surrendered the sky to the moon, we dipped our bare feet into the glacial pool to soothe our weary flesh.

riad night 1

We watched the moon streak across the canopy and leave a trail of light against a black velvet heaven. It was just another night in Marrakech.

riad night 2

The lamps were lit one by one, and soon, the afterglow cast dancing shadows on the beams, on the walls, everywhere.

riad night 4

Through beaten plates of brass and silver, a cotillion of Moroccan lamps shimmered with intricate lace-like patterns of luminescence. The house was bathed in a magical, ghostly radiance that tells of tales from One Thousand and One Nights.

riad night 5

When it was time to retire, we bid the dar good night and slowly waltzed into our chamber. Scheherazade would visit us by the moonlight. We waited... only the candles flickered into the dark twilight.

riad night 3

Riad Dar One
19 Derb Jemaa El Kabir, Hay Salam, Medina, Marrakech
Tel. 00 212 24 38 52 51

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