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J'aime Des Cafés Du Paris Pour Toujours

Paris Match - The best love song to Paris by Paul Weller of the Style Council, as interpreted here by Scott Matthew -- such an emotional performance. This girl hopes you listen to the song while she takes you to a trip through the cafés of Paris.

There are friends in this world, known and unknown, who so love Paris that they try to capture a living moment in time through a photograph, a book, an artwork, a song, or even a blog. But can the essence of a city be captured in a photograph, book, artwork, song, or blog? This girl seems to think so. For this is where passing time resides. And when boredom calls, she spends empty hours walking the grand boulevards, and staring, reading and waiting for her lover in the café. Paris crosses her mind all the time.

This girl always wondered why, of all the cities and places she has visited, Paris holds dearest to her heart. So many clichés have been written and lived out in this city, that she must be tired of the parade. But no, she is never too weary to encounter all things Paris. For her love runs deep and unrequited.

Unforgettable cafés, salon de thés, gelateries, boulangeries, and pâtisseries abound in her thoughts. You see, she is an epicurean of some sort. And she makes a list of places she wishes she could be at right now with her lover. Thankfully, her friends from the etherworld saved some of their memories for her.

At Laduree, they have beautiful, pastel coloured macarons.

At Berthillon, glacé.

At Poilane, artisanal bread.

At Pierre Hermé, decadent desserts.

At La Maison du Chocolat, truffles and all manners of chocolate desserts.

At Stohrer, old world specialty cakes.

At Les Deux Magots, for conversations, people watching, and cappuccinos.

At Le Procope for the dining experience in the oldest Parisian restaurant.

But she sits alone, waiting for her love...

This girl wants to thank the eyes that saw for her... Paris by Andrew Parnell, Eiffel by rs-foto, Da Rosa by Bryce Edwards, Blue Cafe by David, Berthillon by Morbuto, Poilane by Matthieu Alexandre, Pierre Herme by PNBoots, La Maison du Chocolat by Phototram, Les Deux Magots by Wahoowadad.

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J'aime Des Cafés Du Paris Pour Toujours + trip