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I don't have a problem!

I felt that I should do something on my blog, even though I don't have much to talk about lately. So instead of yammering on at you I changed my background and header AGAIN ! (Do I have bloggers A.D.D because I can't stop changing my templates, headers, and backgrounds? Perhaps there is a 12-step group I could join? But it feels so good!)

However, soon I will go out and enjoy the sun. Perhaps I'll take my Jack Kornfield book, A Path with Heart, and go to Fremont and read by the canal, after I've purchased a soy latte at Pete's - a perfect day (although still sans a camera, sigh...).


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PS The header/background photo was shot last Winter through our car window at the Dick's drive-in in Wallingford. The crows were placing odds on which one of us would throw out a delicious french fry or two for them (we didn't -- they're too good!).

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