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An Airplane, A Motorbike, and A Great Riad in Marrakech

At 35,000 feet above, we chanced upon a meeting of both Europe and Africa. Oh, how close the two continents can be! The Iberian peninsula to the north and Morocco to the south, with the Mediterranean flowing in between.
Airplane View
Finally, in the red city of Marrakech, where its denizens zip around on these motorbikes. This is for you, Baron's Life and Toronto Bike Chic.
But amidst the chaos of Marrakech and beneath the muezzin's call to prayer from the minarets, there is a refuge where the calming sounds of birds chirping and fountains gurgling can be enjoyed.

Riad Dar One is a true oasis in the desert. Its tadelakt walls provide a cooling comfort from the blazing sun, and the impeccably decorated rooms and foyer make you want to stay forever. More on Riad Dar One on future posts, but you can also visit the Mr and Mrs Smith site to read their accurate review as well as to book your stay (hopefully). One of the best guesthouses we've stayed at. Ever.
Riad Dar One 3
Riad Dar One 2
Riad Dar One 1
Riad Dar One 4
Riad Dar One 6
Riad Dar One 5
P.S. Because of slow and intermittent wifi, posting from Marrakech may be sporadic. However, I will endeavour to do so whenever I can.

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An Airplane, A Motorbike, and A Great Riad in Marrakech + travel