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5 New Honeymoon Hot Spots

Forget about those bargain cruises to Mexico or the cheesy Vegas buffets, there's a new breed of honeymoon in town. Whether or not you splurged on a destination wedding, you can take advantage of numerous travel deals and score a stunning break to start off your marriage right. So, save up those vacation days and pack your suitcase, you're going on the romantic journey of a lifetime.

photo credit: Monte-Carlo tourism board Monte Carlo, Monaco
Euro lovers flock to France and Italy during their honeymoon trips, but often get caught up in the hype of tourism guides, guidebooks, and friends with big ideas. For a quieter and more personal European stay, try Monte Carlo. This amazingly luxe principality boasts world class casinos, 5-star accommodations and ridiculously beautiful ocean views. With high-end shopping and a spa at nearly every turn, there's no where to run from the romantic energy of this little plot of land.

photo credit: Annemarie Dooling | travelinganna Orange County, California
Love the city, hate the smog. Honeymoons in LA? Talk about overrated. Sure, there's the sites, the excitement, the luxury options, but you can get all that and pristine beaches just a few miles away from the Hollywood Hills. Many of Orange County's little cities, particularly Newport Beach and Laguna, offer top rated hotels and resorts with sparkling ocean views, spa treatments, and a staff ready at your call. The kid in you will love the rides at Disneyland, and the foodie in you will adore the hilltop restaurants featuring some of California's best seafood. All of the class and none of the craziness of it's starry-eyed neighbor.

photo credit: Annemarie Dooling | travelinganna San Juan, Puerto Rico
Booking your stay in the Bahamas again, island lovers? Steer clear of the carefully curated, cold mega-hotels and get immersed in the natural, romantic beauty of Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan. Here you can enjoy the same lazy beach days, and throw in some energetic green markets filled to the brim with local veggies; a little zip line, complete with mojito bar at the finale; and all the nature you care to partake in. What could be a more soothing way to celebrate your nuptials?

photo credit: Annemarie Dooling | travelinganna Lake Placid, New York
Sport enthusiast honeymooners need not worry, nor pack a dessert suitcase to the Arizona wilderness. There's a nature walk of a different kind right in lake Placid, just hours from New York City.
With mountains like Whiteface looming around every corner, and Olympic sport arenas with bobsledding and skating in the center of town, you'll get your fill of action in this sleepy town. For quiet nights, 4-star resorts like the Mirror Lake Inn offer amazing dining and spa options and Adirondack charm surrounds a calming lake area. Best of all, the remote aspect of this getaway promotes little interruption: cell-phone addicts need not apply.

photo credit: Sandy Salle | Hills of Africa Johannesburg, South Africa
Looking for a little exotic adventure before returning to the states as a married couple? South Africa quite literally has something for everyone. Start with a stay in Johannesburg, where you'll find a multitude of 5-star resorts and hotels waiting for you to choose from. Follow this with a jaunt at Kruger National Park for the safari of a lifetime. After that, sip a little vino in the Cape Winelands and relax with some beach time in Cape Town. No matter what your poison, a mix of bustling, calm, stunning, and raw life awaits in this often unexplored world.
Annemarie Dooling is a Digital Content Strategist who spends her vacation days traveling the globe and reporting back to Twitter. In her spare time she's planning her own destination wedding and documenting the whole thing on her blog, Frill Seeker Diary.

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