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Wishcrafting Wednesday: Daring

image via Google Images This week Jamie Ridler asks us:

What do you wish to dare?

I almost didn't do this week's wish because I feel that if I write it down and put it "out there" I may actually have to do it! It's not like I'm going to dare myself to base jump off the Space Needle or swim across Puget Sound - it's much, much scarier - I double-dog dare myself to... volunteer.

Since I became one of the unemployed masses last year I have been pretty much able to wake up in the morning and plan the day however I have wanted (which I am eternally grateful for). Occasionally I have felt this tugging inside me that I need to spread my wings a bit, step outside my comfort (lazy) zone and make a commitment to someone else besides being a good lap for my cat (well, I'm not even that good of a lap - Kashi hates having to share my lap with my computer).

I'm unlike my dad and sister who have a long history of volunteering. My little sister was a Big Sister for over a decade (and even won a Big Sister of the Year Award one year) and never lost contact with her little sister and they are still friends to this day. And within a month of retiring, several years ago, my dad signed up to volunteer at a local hospital and has been doing that twice a week ever since (he even has to be there at 4am - and he actually doesn't mind getting up that early - but, other than that, he's pretty normal).

I did attempt to volunteer in February at an animal shelter. However, the job I wanted (tending to the cats that weren't quite ready to be placed in the adoption area) was fully staffed and they weren't even accepting any more applications for future openings. So I used that as an excuse to postpone volunteering... "Well, I tried" I sighed dramatically. But now that Jamie's gone and dared me I have no choice but to give it another go - whether at an animal shelter, or animal rescue, and arts organization, reading to people in nursing homes -- I'm not sure yet, just something that will take me outside of myself -- for a little while at least.

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Wishcrafting Wednesday: Daring + Wishcasting Wednesday