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the BEST of #traveltuesday

Hey there travel tweeters!
Early this morning, Where I've Been decided to create the hashtag "#traveltuesday" in hopes that travelers could communicate their thoughts, suggestions, travel stories, quotes, pictures, videos, travel deals, and blog entries easily and efficiently.
Throughout the day @whereivebeen posted various travel-related questions, and recieved a lot of wonderful, thought-provoking feedback. In fact, I would love to share with you some of the best responses I recieved today under the #traveltuesday hashtag!

@MartaR: Travel in one word? Enlightening #traveltuesday
@BrilliantTips: 10 Meaningful Travel Experiences #traveltuesday
@elfiec: To travel is to submerse urself into an alternate culture, to momentarily imitate someone else's lifestyle and forget ur own. #traveltuesday
@Journeywoman: "I'm never happier than when I am alone in a foreign city; it is as if I had become invisible" (Storm Jameson) #traveltuesday
@TiffanyEckhardt: I think I might love #traveltuesday as much as I love #followfriday
@soultravelers3: "the greatest reward & luxury of travel is to be able to experience everyday things as if for the 1st time" #traveltuesday
@pen4hire: What movie inspired you to pack your bags and go there? #traveltuesday
@BrooklynNomad: #traveltuesday I am really digging traveltuesday. Great idea for the travel obsessed to get together and chat.
@travelrants: Not another bloody tag. #traveltuesday (ohhh, travelrants!)

@TransAmericas: @whereivebeen Scenic of course. A good road trip isn't about the destination but the places in between. #traveltuesday

@aprilcole: @MelanieFineEVI Oh yes, the travel breaks are a necessity. Travel helps me to refresh and reignite my sense of wonder #traveltuesday
@globalculture: "best reason to travel is to discover what you will become after being affected by your destination" #traveltuesday
@kag2u: everyday is #traveltuesday for me, travel is always on my brain (and on twitter)

Need an introduction to fellow travel tweeters? View the list of twitterers that I posted earlier today.
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Thank you to everyone who generated buzz and participated today in #traveltuesday. I cannot wait to see more travel-related content posted every week. Who knew Tuesdays could be so fun?
Katy Lynch
Your Community Manager
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the BEST of #traveltuesday + trip