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First Day in Paris and How to De-Jet Lag

We're back in one of my all-time favourite cities in the whole wide world. Paris. The City of Lights. The City of Love. So many cliches, but j'adore nonetheless! Not even a mild jet lag could stop us from combing the streets of the 7th arrondissement after a mandatory (but short-lived) rest period.

The Champ de Mars and Eiffel Tower was a short walk away from our hotel. Look mom, no jet lag...

Eiffel Tower, Paris

And voila! for 2 Euros, you can take a spin 'round a vintage wooden carrousel like we did.

Eiffel carrousel

As the afternoon swept us to Rue Cler, we found it abound with gastronomical surprises. I love this Italian shop, Davoli --truly an epicurean's delight!

Italian market, Paris

At Jeusselin Charcutier et Traiteur, they have award winning, well, charcuterie and cheeses, along with homemade comfort foods. The madam at the shop let G have a free ride on this mechanical horse while we scoured the store for our dinner.

Riding a horsie at the boucherie

Morue Provençal and Poulet Rôti for dinner tonight.

Morue Provencal dish at Rue Cler, Paris

Hotel Duquesne Eiffel 23 Avenue Duquesne, Paris 75007 (7 eme.) Tel. +33 1 44 42 09 09 Nearest Metro: École Militaire

Pont d'Iena Room, Hotel Eiffel Duquesne, Paris

A room with almost a view... of the Eiffel Tower

hotel room view, Paris

The quickest way to get rid of jet lag? Jump right into the city's time zone, keep the kids occupied, drinks lots of water, and have fun! Just like another day at home!

P.S. Tomorrow (May 1), I will announce the winner of the Mr and Mrs Smith Global Shortlist and $50 US gift certificate!

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First Day in Paris and How to De-Jet Lag + vintage