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Children's Books I Love To Read

Last night, I dreamt that I was in a charming bookstore somewhere in Europe, or perhaps it might have been New York City, browsing through beautifully illustrated children's books. The dream featured a hybrid of existing children's book characters and design, and my own overactive imagination. In my imaginary bookstore, there was a book based on naughty cat, Slinky Malinky, but it had a long, furry black tail that looped through a hole in each page of the board book. There was also my own version of NYC 123 and ABC NYC in Cubist-like illustrations, and many more. But I guess the reason why I dreamt what I did was because I spent a warm Sunday morning here in Toronto ordering children's books online, and I was amazed at all the beautiful ones available. Here are some samplings out there today. Note that some of these books are actually sold out!

Taro Gomi - A Japanese illustrator and children's book author with 300 titles under his belt in his native Japan. Here are some of his delightful English versions.

Sara Anderson - Designer and illustrator who had done work for MoMA and Crate & Barrel. Her talent has taken her to design fabrics, ceramics, and children's books. Her children's books have a strong urban edge.

Julie Merberg - Merging lyrical texts with classical artwork makes her books a great introduction to art and imagination.

And finally, presenting... my ultimate favourite children's books. They're actually kids' travel books. These ones really touch on my passion for travel.

Miroslav Sasek - a Czech-born illustrator who created these graphically pleasant books with a 60's twist to them. The series features many of the world's most beautiful cities, and below are just 4 of the many.

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