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Wishcrafting Wednesday: Give Me a Break

Photo taken at El Diablo Coffee Co., Seattle
Jamie's Wishcrafting Wednesday question is:

What do you wish to take a break from?
I want to take a break from my Self. That comes as a shock, even to me, because, well, I'm all about me. I'm going to take a break, for at least a week, (come on, I'm not going for sainthood!) from think, think, thinking about me and from trying to figure out...

  • what I'm going to be when (and if) I grow up
  • will I ever find something I like to do... and stick with it?
  • if external things cannot give me happiness, as the spiritual experts say, when will my internal happy-making thing kick in?
  • what would it mean for me to live "authentically"? Am I already living authentically and I don't even know it?
Maybe if I'm not obsessing about The Questions, all of the time, the answers will come to me... when I'm ready to hear them? Maybe I'll actually think about... other people!!! But, enough about me, (for one week), for more Wishcraftings please see Jamie Ridler Studios.

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Wishcrafting Wednesday: Give Me a Break + Wishcasting Wednesday