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I know this collage has kind of a Halloweeny feel to it, and it is nearly Spring, but it is my philosophy that I can be moody and creepy all year 'round thank you very much.
My third Flamenco dance lesson is tonight and I hope that it starts to click, otherwise everyone is going to avoid me in class because, much to my surprise, for at least a fourth of the class we actually dance with a partner. We are supposed to mirror each others moves but no one wants to mirror with a spaz who can't get their feet or hand movements right. Flashbacks to Junior High abound.

Trying to talk myself into going to a 5Rhythms dance this Friday night (free form ecstatic dance!). I'd be going alone because I'm sure Scott won't be into it (he prefers more structured dance like swing and ballroom). Maybe I should see if I could guilt bribe twist the arm convince a girlfriend to go with me? It really does seem to line up with the meditation I am doing and as Gabrielle Roth, the 5Rhythms founder, says, "We move our bodies to still our minds." And my mind needs more stillin', that is for sure.

Happy Monday everyone!

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