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Self-Evaluation: When Does "Blue" Become "Red?" On Your Map?

We're talking about something far more Earth-shattering than electoral votes. 'Cause it actually applies to the whole Earth.

Did you really "live" in Botswana, or do you just like the potpourri of colors?As you've noticed, your Where I've Been map asks you to mark countries "red" to designate that you've "lived" there. It's an intuitive feature, but admittedly a murky one.

To wit: I studied abroad for a semester in Rome, Italy my junior year of college. If you'd look at my map, upon returning to American soil, I was so enriched with culture and worldliness that I felt entitled to consider myself having "lived" in Italy. I mean, come on -- I'm friends with an Italian person on Facebook! Where's my key to the city?

On the other hand, after three months, I still couldn't effectively navigate my own neighborhood or even roll my R's. So yeah, sure, I could see how someone might chafe at the idea of seeing Italy marked red on my map. (I also just like pretty colors.)

So where do you draw the line? Easy: The only clear way to get to the bottom of this is a highly scientific Blogger poll!

How long do you need to have stayed in one place to say that you've "lived" there?

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Self-Evaluation: When Does "Blue" Become "Red?" On Your Map? + Where I've Been Map