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Full Moon Dreamboard: Stirrings

Jamie Ridler says of this month's Full "Worm" Moon:
"This Full Moon presides over a time when those dreams and wishes that have been hibernating start to feel the energy of the returning sun and tickle at you. Something is ready to come alive. What’s stirring?"

By the looks of my dreamboard, (whose images mainly came from Yoga Journal and O), my inner self is stirring. Pictures of meditation, beauty, lightheartedness, nature, dance (5Rhythms), and some honey to remind me to be sweet/kind to myself and others.

I'm not too surprised. This happens to me every ten years or so - I have a spiritual re-awakening, of some sort, that can last anywhere from a few months (Unitarian), to a year (Presbyterian), to five years (Episcopalian), until I gradually drift away and move on to something else... something more meaningful and significant like... watching more TV. It's not something I'm proud of, but it is my history. I'm hoping this one takes -- or I take to it.
UPDATE 8:30 am : Doh! I'm a day early! For more Full Moon Dreamboards see Jamie Ridler Studios
on Monday, March 29, the day of the actual Full Moon. Disconnected from nature? Who me? Nahhhh.

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Full Moon Dreamboard: Stirrings + meditation