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A Promised Land

One particularly gloomy winter day, I checked my email, as I do every morning. I was not expecting to receive anything, except maybe the usual bunch of ads I get from my online newspaper subscriptions. But there's one email that caught my eye. Go ahead, take a chance and open this one! my brain tells me. Am I glad I read that email!

It was an invitation presented to me by the good people at Geoffrey Weill Associates, a prestigious public relations agency based in New York City. Am I interested in a press trip of Israel hosted by Israel Ministry of Tourism? Why, I found it hard to say no to this call...

I will be travelling through Israel from March 8 - 17. My return flight from Toronto Pearson International Airport to Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport is sponsored by El Al Airlines, Israel's national carrier.

Things I would need to pack: my MacBook, iPod, Blackberry, photographic equipment, notebook, guidebooks, clothes, shoes, an open and inquisitive mind.

Things I would need to leave behind: the anxiety of being separated from my 2-year-old daughter for the first time; any preconceived notions about the nation's political situation.

Either way, I am heeding this call to the Promised Land.

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