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Inside a Turkish Market (in Berlin) with Sonia Gil

Just as one discovers more about a person by visiting their home, the same can be said for cities. If you want to better understand a city then you must go to the local market. This past summer I was a first timer in Berlin so naturally, I needed to hit up some markets to get a firm grasp on what this city was all about.

I visited the Turkish market, which is one of the biggest open markets in Berlin. By Turkish they don't mean some baklava here and there. You walk through the open market and are immediately transported. At first I was excited by this idea of being transported out of Germany. But the more I walked through the market, the more I saw how representative it is of everyday life for these Berliners. This was not a different country but it was the new Berlin - reinvented, friendly and more diverse. The market itself is located in the Kreuzberg, putting a modern spin on a classic Berlin neighborhood. It is here where Turks and Punks have lived for years. Interestingly enough, unlike the more reserved Germans, the Turks turned out to be some of the friendliest Berliners I met. After all, the Turks have been part of Berlin forever, but now they are coming of age and contributing to a more diverse city. This New Berlin is full of Mediterranean inspiration. Scarves, jewelry and food in every color and texture make this market truly unforgettable. In the end, the market did help me get a grip of what the city is about. Berlin is vibrant, it is alive, it is beating, and growing and changing, and the market is the perfect example of where all of these elements come together. Check out the 'Turkish Delight' episode below! Biography

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Inside a Turkish Market (in Berlin) with Sonia Gil + whereivebeen