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Back from Vay-cay

Had an absolutely funfabulistic weekend with my friend Sandy in Los Angeles. It was nice to get away from my rather non-active routine and enjoy a non-active routine in a sunny and warm climate! I lucked out and the rains stopped before I arrived and it was all sun, sun, sun. Here at home I expect rain and grayness so there's no disappointment.

Kablooey left a comment on my previous post about looking forward to reading about all of our "printable antics" -- so now I feel like a complete loser because all I have are "printable antics". Unless someone has an aversion to reading about excessive food and wine consumption, our obsessive need to conduct Angel watching marathons, and several long walks thrown in here and there to offset gluttony guilt, we were pretty good girls... dammit.

Here are a few pictures. I wish I had taken pics of the scrumptious guacamole that Sandy made... ummm... twice actually... she is the Guac-Master (hmm, well that sounds kinda kinky):

Sandy gazing at a surfer-dude, not so much in a dreamy way but in a "The water is freezing, are you f*ck*ng crazy?" way...

Henry, Sandy's 17-pound mush-ball of a cat, showing me his moves as he performs his famous chair dance:

Palms in black and white...

All in all, a wonderful weekend - one that confirmed for me, yet again, that I think I could easily live in warmer climes.

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