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Wishcasting Wednesday: Exploring

What dream do you wish to explore?

How to live fully? That is what I want to explore -- it's easy to say, and I have said it on many New Years Eve's, but what do I mean by that? The first images that come to mind are people, friends and family, eating meals together, being there for each other, but with enough time alone to just start longing for contact again (I'm an introvert, that ain't gonna change).

But also, one that goes along with my writing goals, is to make a couple of friends in the Seattle writing community. I took a writing class at The Hugo House last summer and did make two friends, and we even formed a short-lived (but may be resurrected) writing group. But Darbi had to go and birth a baby, and Kari kept getting work! Babies and work, whatever. (I kid, I kid, baby Kiernan is better than a writing group any day! But work? Well... it's gotta be done).

I do go to readings, but I'm too shy to stick around and chat to the author or the author's fans. Even during National Novel Writing Month in November I only attended one of the nearby NaNo Write-In's once, at the end of the month, and I was late, and everyone seemed to know one another or they were engrossed in their writing so I didn't even introduce myself - just found my own table and began to type - all by my lonesome -- how old am I?

Perhaps I should put an ad on Craigslist looking for writerly friends to form a modern version of the famous Algonquin Round Table:


Socially awkward, latent writer geek searching for likeminded people to socialize, bitch about not writing enough, and supporting each others works-in-progress and successes -- preferably over a glass or two of wine.


Too Shy To Talk to you In Person
I'm thinking this dream is pretty doable -- especially if there is wine involved!

Happy Dreaming friends!

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