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Welcome to Mommyhood 101

I promised myself that I wouldn't bother with a first birthday party for my daughter. After all, she will not remember any of it. But now, I reneged on that promise and I'm doing one, anyway. Then I realized that the party is really for me, Mommy. Because ever since I squeezed out this child, my social life went kaput. I haven't seen some friends in more than a year, and the last time I had uninterrupted interaction with adult girl friends was at my baby shower. I should have known that was to be a farewell party also. A farewell to life as I knew it.

Motherhood takes a lot of adjusting. Suddenly, I have to think twice about buying that lovely Marc Jacobs shirt. One side of the brain screams, "Marc Jacobs". The other says, "A year's supply of Pampers diapers." The former is a folly, the latter a necessity. Life is now all about doing what's necessary for this little girl to, well, survive.

But this mommy has to survive as well. So, a birthday party for her little one is in order. I can see my family, married friends and their kids, and single friends with their new boyfriends. But wait, what was I thinking when I sent the electronic invitation? I promised to cook healthy foods for the kids and do a regular adults' menu, too! I can barely survive taking care of my daughter and husband, now I have to organize this party that's a month away!

I blame it on Jessica Seinfeld's recipe book. It is one of those ideas that makes you ponder why didn't I think of this before? The book's a genius in its simplicity. It, basically, teaches you how to sneak the veggies into your kids' (or husband's) meal without raising suspicion (in other words, without tasting them). So, I thought to myself, Wouldn't this make for a lovely birthday party theme? I have seen too many kids on, what's commonly known as, a "sugar high" during parties. Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally against sweets, because I know how they taste and I like those damned things, too! But if you put both sweets and some broccoli florets in front of a child; chances are, most kids will pick sugar.(I f your child picks broccoli, you are super mom!) So, it is already a given that a child at a party will have some form of sugar at some point in time. The bad part is, most parents, allow them to have just that and only that. Then later on, you are left to deal with the aftermath --the "sugar crash". You are left wondering why your child is throwing a tantrum the next day. Let's face it, party food especially at kids' events, isn't always the healthiest. It's fast food style, with loads of sugar, salt, and seasonings that are equivalent to MSG. (Note: If you don't see MSG on a label, it doesn't mean there's none of it there. MSG has multiple personas and can manifest itself in enzyme modified, autolyzed yeast, calcium caseinate, hydrolized anything, potassium glutamate, soy protein, whey protein, yeast extract. And the list goes on.) So, I thought I'd take a shot at being a responsible host and serve homemade meals and goodies that are also healthy.

Brownies with spinach and carrot. Macaroni and cheese with butternut squash and cauliflower. Rice Balls with spinach and sweet potatoes. Mozzarella sticks with yellow squash. Sounds yucky, but in Jessica Seinfeld's recipes, they have been cleverly disguised. Even the pickiest eaters (namely, me and my husband) were convinced that we have found a solution to the problem of healthy eating. Now, we want to spread the love...

Needless to say, I have a lot of organizing to do for this party. I'm thinking cooking and baking and loot bags and theme colours. I can't believe I'm actually planning games and arts and crafts. I swore I couldn't be this kind of a parent, but life changes. My daughter changed my life and I would like to celebrate her coming to me.

Blog readers, welcome to Mommyhood 101, where things don't always turn out as expected and the course outline always changes.

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