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Villa de l'Ô-vely

What a catchy name... Villa de l'Ô. The name alone warrants an investigation.

Then one thing led to another, and the result was a booking made with the amiable Céline Collière, designer and hostess of the guesthouse.

Only, there's a problem, oh my ! Which room would I like to stay in? Céline inquired. Hmmm, let's see...

The tents and trunks of L'Ôxalis suite hark back to the golden age of voyage.

L'Ôbe suite has a vintage, country club feel to the room by way of wooden golf sticks and wicker accessories.

L'Ôrizon boasts Moroccan craftsmanship in the intricate woodwork found within the room.

L'Ôctane is the word in safari chic with its antique writing desk, leather director's chair, and volumes of weathered books.

L'Ôdysée has a bath that faces the historic Medina wall.

L'Ônyx combines raw wood and traditional weaved fabrics to recreate an African sensibility.

How could choosing be so hard?

Quite simply, Villa de l'Ô is an 18th century riad painstakingly restored to its current grandeur. Here, Oriental and Colonial elements fuse in a rather elegant and seemingly effortless manner.

Opened only in September 2008, with its amazing rooftop views of the beaches of Mogador, now known as Essaouira, Villa de l'Ô is a unique property poised for success in this corner of the Medina.

You had better come now before the whole world descends upon this hidden gem. My reservations are for May! Which room did I pick? You'd have to wait and see...

Here's hoping that Villa de l'Ô delivers. Somehow, I have no doubt it will!

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Villa de l'Ô-vely + vintage