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Cruising past brightly lit shop windows and peering in through the glass is a favourite pastime of mine. When I see something interesting, I enter the shop and browse around precariously. Lately, furniture and home accessories seem to catch my eye more frequently. One winter day, I braved the -15 C temperature to do some outdoor window shopping. Not the best day to do it, but also not the worst, if you know Canadian winters.

There is a store on Queen Street West called Pavilion. It's a good home furnishing store, but somehow, I have not bought anything from there. Perhaps, when our home is finished. Meanwhile, here are some things that I think will fit nicely in our new place.

A black, glossy chandelier makes a strong statement when surrounded by white everywhere. This one caught my eye instantly. I would consider putting it above our dining table, to add a sleekness to the space. This modern interpretation of the chandelier is $695 CAD.

We originally thought of hanging a linear crystal chandelier in the dining area, but it has become so common that the impact is lost on me. Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful piece that creates a striking presence. There are many versions of this and can cost anywhere from $300 - $1200 CAD depending on the type of crystals used. Hmm, I'm starting to like this again.

The chandelier below is called The Crazy Sputnik or something like that. My husband loved this piece. He has a thing for over-the-top accessories and I think it's because his brain seeks out the opposite of his linear and sterile impulses. This one swoops in at $1200 CAD.

This deconstructed mirror is another fabulous item I've been eyeing. I want this one so much! It comes with a $700 CAD price tag.

I love the wooden base on this coffee table because of its organic shape. It looks almost like a sculpture. This piece can really add a bold, textural element to a plain room. A table like this costs $900 CAD.

We are a middle-income family with one child on a tight renovation budget, and yet we do not want to skimp on style when it comes to furnishings. So we found a happy medium in stores like such that sell well-made interpretations of classic items. I hope you enjoyed looking at these items, as much as I did.

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