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Pet-Friendly Locales

It's not always easy being man's best friend. Furry and four legs means you're subject to man's rules, no matter how good of friends you might happen to be; some friends are better than others. (Though it's still up for debate whether the act of clothing our pups and cats makes man a great friend or a lousy one. Paging Doc Doolittle.)

To this end, quite a few places exist where pets are put on the pedestal (aside from the AKC Dog Shows on ESPN, of course). If you plan on traveling with a dog and want to pamper the lil feller, we recommend taking a gander at WagWorld and DogFriendly if you haven't already. They're comprehensive databases that map out all that is canine-welcoming in your area, and they're excellent tools. Here are some of our favorite pet-friendly locales (dog-friendly being the majority, though cat and iguana owners still have a special place):

Many dog parks can boast spaciousness, but many contain not much more than grass and cement within that space. Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, AZ has earned high marks for years (including Best Overall Dog Park by Dog Fancy ) for its variety of available activities, boasting a complex obstacle course and agility area, a dog beach and artificial dog lake, all over four acres of spread-out, well-kept land. While the place has gotten understandably crowded over the years, it is lauded for its fenced off grassy areas that provide refuge for smaller pups that don't mix well in such a populated environment. Cosmo sets the standard for superb dog destinations, and it's just a quick drive from Phoenix.


The beautiful landscapes abundant around Colorado Springs vault the city to the top tier. The gorgeous hikes accented by the nearby mountains make this area pretty can't-miss for nature-lovers. One place to check out would be Garden of the Gods Park, packed with pathways and sandstone structures that make for an exciting walk. And now that snow season is kicked into gear, consider a drive a bit north to Frisco, stay at the pet-friendly Ramada Limited Frisco and hit up one of the snow shoe trails for some active time with your dog. Take a day trip from Frisco to nearby Breckenridge for some excellent skiing and come home to your pup.


If there's ever a place to pamper anyone, let alone your pet, it would only make sense that it'd be the Big Apple. And true to the city's grandiose predilections, the amount of pet fashion boutiques and high-end miscellany will evoke either high praise or a particularly pronounced eyeroll. At the Bouchon Bakery in Time Warner Center, refined pups can enjoy biscuits infused with foie gras. World-class hotels like the SoHo Grand, who pamper your pets with treats and doggie day care for no extra charge. And some of the scenic walks make the trip worth it regardless of your spending habits.


Few walks rival the one afforded by the Golden Gate Bridge. San Fran takes a page from New York, wherein a nice chunk of luxury hotels are especially pet-welcoming. If you've had enough of the big city bustle, head downstate a couple hours to Carmel, host of a lovely mix of old-fashioned rustic lodges and hotels welcoming to dogs adjacent to some sizeable nature trails and a few dog-friendly beaches.

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