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Boiling Over

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I think I've been "future-tripping" too much in the last few weeks and yesterday it just boiled over into anger (because I don't have everything I want in my life right NOW !). Even after several weeks of meditating every day (thanks to the inspiration from Jan Lundy's 28-Day Meditation Challenge at Awake is Good) I was just a wildcat! You should have seen me crack eggs - I don't think I've ever been able to crack them completely open with just one hit before. I was so agitated I went for a walk hours earlier than I usually do, as I thought that would help me chill out, but considering how hard I was hitting the crosswalk signal button on my way home I'm thinking... not so much.

Fortunately, my physical anger had dissipated by the evening, so my hubs was safe from harm, but I wasn't what you would call a great companion. I was so worn out that I took a "nap" at 5:00 and after I made dinner I read (Diana Lang's Opening to Meditation , a very good intro to meditation and it made me feel hopeful that I'm not going to be angry for the rest of my life) until I fell to sleep.

I feel much better today, thank you. I don't even feel like hitting anything! I'm going to keep trying to "live in the here and now" so that eggs, crosswalk buttons, and the Husband can rest easy for another day.

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