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Black and White and In Between

The home renovation saga continues...

Here is a catalogue of some of our furniture and appliance collection for the new home. Problem is, the renovation is far from done and we have a long way to go before we move in... Hence, everything had been meticulously wrapped and kept in a storage locker for the past year since we started this messy project.

The Delano Chair in white leather and stainless steel frame. We bought a pair of them, and they will sit in our living room. The Delano is my favourite chair -- cold, sleek, modern.

The Carter sectional with blind tufting in Potash wool. The dilemma is whether to put this in the basement family room or showcase it in the main floor living area.

The Billy Daybed in white leather with chrome legs. Great for chic lounging around.

The Niagara table in tempered glass and chrome legs, which we paired with white leather Allegra chairs with chrome legs. Do you notice a pattern here? We love white! We are out to prove that white is not so scary with kids around (So far, I only have one... but I have nephews and nieces).

Our vintage-inspired, tufted Suzy sofa in blue. What to do with this sofa that was in our a condo? Yet another dilemma...

Our Jenn-Air kitchen appliances that will go against white lacquered kitchen cabinets. We had to scratch plan A, which was to put an island with a slide-in gas stove and chimney hood, because it will cost us too much money (the renovation is not yet finished and we are already overbudget). So, we decided to go with plan B, which was gas stove to the wall with an overhead microwave venting to the outside. We haven't decided yet whether we'd like to add a colour to the stark white kitchen. Red? Black? Lime? So many decisions to make.

It looks like the design elements are turning out to be black and white with steel/chrome... and a punch of colour somewhere. We haven't decided on which part of the colour wheel we'll be landing for the big punch! Stay tuned for more chronicles of our home renovation. Happy new year, everyone! May 2008 bring plenty of wonderful memories.

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Black and White and In Between + vintage