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Are You Ready New Year?

Ro's 2010
Ro's 2010 by rochellers on

It is 11:35 PM on 12/31/2009: Scott is asleep on the couch, The New York Philharmonic is playing Cole Porter on PBS, my cat has forced her way onto me so that my laptop is dangling precariously on one leg, I'm pleasantly warmed by a couple glasses of wine, my family is healthy, my sister married her prince, and although no one has deemed fit to hire me this year (not that I'm bitter) I did start a blog, as well as writing my first novel (that I have yet to start revising) during NaNoWriMo. I've just figured out how to add a router and network our computers and add tunes to our new iPod Nano that we got for Christmas from my parents plus an iTunes gift card thanks to Tracy and Chris (some Pink Martini anyone? How 'bout some Led? Or that Hawaiian dude that sings "Somewhere over the Rainbow" so sweetly it brings tears to the eyes?). So I've got a more better and faster laptop, tunes -- I am ready to rock-n-roll.

This year is about Creating: Writing, and, umm, revising revising revising. SEEING things and capturing the things I see with my camera, expanding my idea of what I believe I can create. To open my eyes, and my heart, and be more aware, awake, alive -- and I can do this from my big comfy chair, with my cat, and a glass of wine... right?

With "creating" in mind, I registered for an online program that begins this Sunday called The Bloom Project. The class description actually made me a little weepy (in a good way) and I knew I had to take it no matter what:

an online course in photography, a journey into happiness, and

an awakening- for everything beautiful inside - waiting...

I've been waiting long enough. Hello 2010 -- glad to meet you.

Cheers and Happy New Year friends!



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