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The Africa Beneath

Oh, how could I? Just how could I, when the headlines read "517,000 Ontario Jobs Threatened" if the big three automakers - General Motors, Ford, Chrysler - were to close down their plants? I had to blink again, and again, to make sure that my morning coffee had indeed kicked in. 517,000 jobs?! In some parts of the world, that number is a whole city, even a whole country!

So, how could I? Just how could I plan my dream trip to Africa when so many people are losing their homes and their means of livelihood? All around me, lives are being drastically affected by the slow economy. Families struggle to meet mortgage payments and friends labour to find second jobs.

But oh, how I want so much to set foot on this continent. Ever since I read Alan Paton's Cry, The Beloved Country, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, and Isak Dinesen's Out Of Africa, the passion for Africa had sown its roots. I had slowly scrutinized each country and deliberately studied the continent as if it were the shape of my heart.

But like my passion for Africa, my solidarity with those who are struggling here, runs deep. Therefore, my Africa is carefully placed on a shelf, right there, on the bottom tier, where it's hidden, yet easily retrieved. I will reach for it one of these days; sooner better than later, but otherwise, later better than never! And like the rivers in Africa that seemingly die in the heart of the desert plains, IT is there, only it flows beneath where the eye can see.

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