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Ta - dah!!!!

Welcome to mama's brand new blog mi amigos!

I hope you like it -- I found the rockin' header image from the stock.xchng for FREE (!) and after browsing through a gazillion blogs over the last two months to get ideas about what kind of format I preferred (yeah, that's right, months, indecisive much?) I finally decided on Shush by which I noticed Caroline uses on her beautiful blog Constantly Evolving.

But re-naming it is what gave me the biggest headache (thank you wine industry!). I just wasn't feeling like I was embodying the true essence of a Slacker-Chick. Don't get me wrong, I am still as lazy and unmotivated as the next person, but is that what I really want as my persona? Not so much. Sure, people think of me that way, but do I really want to acknowledge that? No. Thus a new name was needed, but what? Ro's (my nickname) place, Ro's Pad, Stark Raving Ro, Rock-n-Ro, Rambling Ro, Rochellers, Ro-volving [because I'm like "evolving", get it? But it sounded too much like revolting), etc., etc. After nearly popping an artery trying to come up with a new name, (because of the self-imposed deadline I gave myself of New Year's Eve), I noticed the title I gave my last post and voila I had it! Because I am "getting there" I am finally on the road to living the creative life I have always pined for -- (thanks, in part to the U.S. Government's Emergency Unemployment Compensation, [not that I'm not diligently looking for work!] and the support of my husband) -- I am ready for the journey... sort of... no no really I am... really, and would be honored if you went on it with me (but you'll have to chip in for gas).

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Rochelle, The Artist Formerly Known as Slacker-Chick*

* Okay, I like so had already thought of using this phrase even before Kablooey's comment in my previous post -- I did, I swear to God, I did!

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Ta - dah!!!! + re-inventing