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Six Word Saturday: Fresh Start

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Slacker Chick due for renovation soon!

N ew Year's Eve to me is always about renewal - of how you want to be, think, feel, and look in the new year... even if it always goes to shit by mid-January. In that vein, I've been feeling the need to change my blog - the way it looks and even its name. To make it into more of a "writing platform" that all the writing gurus say we need now (as well as a trillion Facebook and Twitter friends, whatever) I even bought my own innocuous domain name

I've realized for a while that it might behoove me to to change the name if I want to "sell" my writing skills via my blog because what conscientious employer is going to want to hire a self-professed slacker -- even a "tongue in cheek" one, even one who can definitely "un-slack" for a paycheck? Not too many.

So stay tuned dear readers -- I may look different soon, but I'll still be my self-deprecating, snarky self who throws in funny cat pictures here and there!

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Merry, merry


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Six Word Saturday: Fresh Start + starting over