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Merry Christmas!

My Dear Readers,

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas (or day, if you don't celebrate Christmas).

I couldn't resist posting another cute cat picture for your viewing pleasure... because that's how I roll...

This might be me tonight after my third-ish Carolans Irish Cream with a "dash" of Irish Whiskey! A very merry hiccup Christmas, indeed!

I won't be posting much between now and the New Year when I launch the new me or, rather, a new blog (well... same thing isn't it?). Still haven't decided how I want it to look or the title or anything and even though I am pulling my hair out because of my indecision I am also finding it very exciting (but then, I don't get out much).

I began this blog in May without much forethought - I just dove in because I wanted to do it before I chickened out (or got lazy) and I didn't think long or hard enough about design or content. Speaking of content, I definitely want to write more in the New Year. There, I have that in writing for all five of you the world to see, so now I have to do it!


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Merry Christmas! + Resolutions