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"A Holiday Confession"
The following entry was written by Where I've Been user, Sofia Javed. She has kindly given me permission to use it on the Wiblog. (Cheers Sofia!!)

"I love Christmas music. I’m a Muslim. And I LOVE Christmas music.
This is not a new thing. I’ve loved Christmas music for as long as I can remember. It started with the songs I learned in elementary school, the ones with repetitive choruses that were based on folk tales and imaginary characters. When winter rolled I relished in the melodic tales of Rudolph, Santa, and Frosty. I loved hearing jingling bells and imagining sleigh rides. It didn’t matter that I had no idea who Currier and Ives were nor had I ever tasted roasted chestnuts. Singing those songs always made me happy.

As I got older, I started to appreciate the religious Christmas tunes as well. I love Silent Night, The Little Drummer Boy and anything involving singing angels. I enjoy Handel’s Messiah and LOVE glee club Christmas concerts. The stories of the newborn king entice me just as much as those of reindeer and someone’s mother kissing Santa under the Christmas tree.

I love the classics, but I also love what I think of as non-traditional Christmas music. These are the Christmas songs that represent different musical genres. Blues Christmas, jazz Christmas, reggae Christmas, polka Christmas, etc. I love it when contemporary artists create or remake songs for cheesy holiday collection albums. I love Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You, Madonna’s Santa Baby, Dave Matthews’ Christmas Song, and the Barenaked Ladies’ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings medley. I love the entire Christmas Caravan album by the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

I can go on and list more songs, but basically I love all of them. When it’s four degrees in Chicago and dark by 4:30 p.m., all I need is a few bars of Christmas music to lift my spirits. When I’m waiting under a struggling heat lamp on an El platform and it won’t stop snowing, I have urges to turn to the stranger next to me and whisper, “Sleighbells ring… Are ya listenin’?” In my imagination he’d respond with the next line, and pretty soon the whole platform of commuters would break out into a rehearsed and choreographed song-and-dance chorus of Winter Wonderland ending conveniently just as the train arrived. The very thought of it puts a smile on my face and makes that heat lamp feel warmer. Every time it snows, I imagine a similar scene. One of these days, it’s bound to happen.

If you’ve never met a Muslim who loves Christmas music, I offer you my hand in introduction. I’m a Muslim. And I LOVE Christmas music. It’s probably wrong, but I can’t help it. Christmas music is festive, cheerful, imaginative and catchy. I’m hooked on this stuff. Are there others out there who share my guilty pleasure?

P.S. I love Hannukah songs too!"
What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?Katy Lynch
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