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At Heaven's Door in Auberge Saint-Antoine

I'm knock, knock, knocking on heaven's door. And I'm glad Saint-Antoine opened the gates to this delightful little hotel in Vieux Quebec!
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This Relais and Chateaux auberge is definitely beyond charming and is just overflowing with attention to detail.
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The suites are dressed in black, white, and red - more devilish than angelic, in my opinion.
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By the door of each room, there is a tray on the floor piled with alabaster river rocks. My husband and I debated as to what purpose they served. Were they for throwing into glasshouses? No. We concluded that it was a stowage for wet snowboots, given that winter is a huge event in Quebec City.
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And the beverage of choice at turndown service? Holy water of Auberge Saint-Antoine! You would have thought they gathered it from a pilgrimage to Lourdes.
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Oh, how we loved the details: the faux-leather bathroom tiles with matching accessories; bathrobes for each guest including the wee ones; a rack full of current magazines; fluffy cloud-like pillows and duvet that keep bodies warm. And those little uplighters on the floor...
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When it comes to the lobby, nothing is cozier than an intimate lounge area with soft couches, blankets, reindeer-patterned pillows, and a blazing fire.
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Yes, even heaven loves fire.
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The sofas at the lobby bar are swathed in velvet and suede-like microfibre with touches of silk and sateen. Acrylic Louis XIV ghost chairs are thrown in for a bit of verve. Along its wall, some precious paraphernalia that were found during the excavation of the building site are displayed.
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Here's another nook with a bunch of books and board games, and of course, a gas fireplace once again.
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The auberge's restaurant, Panache, is a wood-and-stone 19th century warehouse space, painstakingly restored and decorated in the lines of the hotel's flashes-of-red motif. The food prepared by Executive Chef Francois Blais is decidedly French-Canadian, with a focus on local produce.
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There are fantastic views of the St. Lawrence river from the restaurant that one can enjoy while sampling the flavours of Canada. Such are the highlights of the menu: Saint-Apollinaire duck foie-gras, Saint-Lambert-de-Lauzon lamb, Cap-Saint-Ignace quail, Mingan Island scallops, Nova Scotia lobster, Lac-Saint-Pierre perch, and more.
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Glass chandeliers from local La Mailloche artisans ooze from the ceiling like icicle angels, making it a truly sensual and heavenly experience, not just for taste, but also for sight.
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Conclusion: Auberge Saint-Antoine is worthy of its title as one of "America's Top 10 Small City Hotels" in Travel & Leisure's World's Best List. I would stay here again next time I'm in the area!

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