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This is it?! That's what I thought when I got off Piazza Flavio Gioia in the comune of Amalfi. The pier was smaller than I had imagined. The rocky beach was nothing to write home about. The seaside promenade was lined with dilapidated buildings and tacky souvenir stores. Where was the Amalfi that once rivalled Venice, Pisa, and Genoa as a seafaring republic?
A short stroll across a covered street leads to the main piazza. Slowly, the town unveils itself. A gasp escapes from me. A-ha, so this is the Amalfi that is often talked about. The Arab-Norman style Duomo Sant'Andrea stands high above the town. Beside it, the 13th-century majolica-domed bell tower rises like a beautiful caketopper above the pastel-hued town.

Tucked in a corner of the main piazza is a fountain, a gathering point for locals and tourists alike. All around, parasols shade the cafe tables, beckoning visitors to sit and have a drink. Banners and lights are hung across the piazza, giving the town a festive mood.

The streets are lined with curious shops selling anything from marionettes to fruits, and spices to limoncello da Amalfi. Farther into town, the souk-like streets lead to secret passages, ushering you to private courtyards baked in rustic reds and yellows.

Finally, I found what's beautiful in Amalfi.

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