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A Real Case of Travel Anxiety in the Amalfi Coast
This is the land called Costiera Amalfitana , otherwise known to the English-speaking population as the Amalfi Coast. You wouldn't believe how excited I was to be in the south coast of Italy. After all, it is the land of brilliant sunshines, crystalline blue seas, fragrant lemon groves, and picturesque towns overlooking the Gulf of Salerno. And with a reputation for lucid days and balmy nights, the Amalfi Coast definitely draws a crowd.

I wish I could tell you how the ride around the Amalfi coast was so romantic, with the wind on my face and the azure sea dazzling below. Not for me. We did it the cheap way. My husband and I (and baby) opted to take the SITA bus from Sorrento to the towns of the Amalfi coast. Although the last stop, Amalfi, is only 36 kilometres from Sorrento, and Positano somewhere in the 20-kilometre mark, the bus ride took longer than expected. If you're on a budget, go ahead and take the bus, but I do not recommend this mode of transportation if you have young children or if you have no patience with crowds. I heard the buses get really packed during summer, but we discovered that September was not much better. We were lucky to get seats on the right hand side of the bus, which is the side with the sea view when coming from Sorrento. The bus ride was absolutely breathtaking -- in more ways than one! Of course, you won't fail to notice the captivating view of the Gulf of Salerno, starting at hundreds of feet below you. And it's very hard to ignore that the road ribbons dangerously around the edge of the cliff. Sometimes, the road gets so narrow that vehicles had to yield into one lane. I remember quite a few times our bus driver had to back up to oncoming traffic. Also, it's important to know that at some parts of the road, there are no guard rails to prevent cars from plunging into the azure sea below! So with every twist and turn of the bus, we waited with breaths abated.

Perhaps now, you're saying, "that didn't seem too bad at all." The problem was not so much the drive. It was the fact that there were more people than there were SITA buses. We were lucky to have gotten seats, but those who weren't had to bear it out on their feet the entire time! We were packed in the bus like sardines in a can, and I was getting awfully claustrophobic all of a sudden. I couldn't breathe! I wanted to jump out! I was just about to lose it... when we finally pulled into the town of Amalfi two hours later! 2 torturous hours covering 36 kilometres! It was worth the trouble, but next time I would probably go by a different mode of transportation... and travel before the sun breaks over the horizon. I saw many people arriving via the Metro del Mare boat service from Naples, but I heard hiring a car or a motorbike is quite fun, outside the summer season. Maybe then, I can have my dream of riding with the sun on my face, the wind on my hair, and the beautiful Amalfi coast sweeping past me. But, for now, this is my memory. Try at your own risk.

During our day trips to the Amalfi coast, this was one of the few times I was able to whip out my camera in the bus. Storm clouds were brewing...

We had beautiful weather on the Amalfi coast, except for this one day. Yet it still manages to captivate...

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A Real Case of Travel Anxiety in the Amalfi Coast + trip