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A House in Pictures: Chronicles of a Home Renovation

We had a cozy one bedroom plus den condominium suite at King West Village in downtown Toronto, Canada. But soon after we moved in, we found out that there would be an addition to our family. A baby was on it's way! So, we decided to put our condo suite on the market, just to see what happens. We listed our asking price at the higher end, not expecting to garner any interest. But there was a huge turnout. We had over 50 scheduled viewings in 14 days, and would've had even more if we did not ask our agent to stop this madness! But on day 16, our suite was sold, over its list price. So, we had to say goodbye...

The search for a family home was on. We searched high and low for many months, and we still couldn't find a well-finished house, in the style that we wanted, and within our price range. It just had to be the "perfect" house, because after all, we will be living there for many, many years to come. We needed a house that we would love and that would fit our needs -- ahem, our design needs. There wasn't anything out there to our taste, so we decided on a renovation project. Join me in our family's journey to transform an older house into a modern family home. I will be chronicling this rollercoaster experience called home renovation.

The above is the main reception room of our new home... pre-demolition. The previous owners told us not to touch the plaster ceiling because "they do not make them like that anymore." Can you see the artful plaster swirls?

Guess what? We took everything down...

This is the kitchen with really old appliances and a ceiling fan. They were just so hideous and old; not even the workers wanted to take them!

Eventually, almost eveything was removed from the kitchen...

This is the smallest room in the house. It will become our daughter Giada's bedroom.

It's now all down to the studs.

This is the arch in the master bedroom that the previous owners were so proud of. "This is Italian masonry at its best," they claimed.

Guess what again? It's all gone! The house is down to its bare bones.

So now, were thinking ok, the fun stuff begins... Surprise! Not so fast! The renovation gods are cruel! We are currently in the midst of a series of mess includings issues in the house that would require an engineer's report, architectural drawings, permits... and a contractor operating on a seemingly different time zone altogether! Standby for more chronicles of our home renovations...

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A House in Pictures: Chronicles of a Home Renovation + trip