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Trivia Thursdays: Where in the World?

As I sat down to plan Folie à Deux's editorial calendar for 2011, there are a few key categories that I wanted to include regularly in this blog. One of them being, "Memories of... " where I reminisce about destinations I've travelled to, attached with a local recipe inspired by the place. After all, most of my travels were done prior to my blogging years (yeah, even before the concept of weblogs became remotely mainstream).

The other one will be a weekly trivia called "Where in the World?" in which everyone is invited to guess the location of a featured photograph(s). All correct answers will get bupkis a link back from my blog and shout-outs on Twitter, Facebook, etc. so that we can mutually help each other increase our Klout score, traffic, and all that SEO mumbo-jumbo ! Capiche? Ok, but ultimately, it's so that we learn about new places we can't afford to go each week.

Having said that, it's not exactly Thursday yet in North America (it is in some parts of the world, though), but this week's trivia starts now.
Picture 8 copy ecoturismo 72_mariusz
Where in the World?
This town of 4,000 looks awfully like a scene straight from a Clint Eastwood Western. In fact, this place has seen its fair share of movie filmings, including a wildly popular telenovela about the alter ego of a masked nobleman, Don Diego de la Vega. It's one of the best-preserved colonial villages, with what some claim to be the largest plaza in the country. It is also the birthplace a certain captain in Simòn Bolivar's army, whose heroic immolation is mentioned in this country's national anthem. Where in the world is this?

*Post your answer on the comment form. Answer must be in this format: city/town/village, country (example Toronto, Canada).
**As we move forward with this trivia, I am hoping to get sponsors to donate a prize! Interested in donating? Contact me at!

*photos from here.

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