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Phone + Social Networking = INQ1

3, a UK mobile service provider, is launching a mobile phone whose primary function, besides making phone calls, is social networking. Right now, the INQ1 (pronounced "ink one") will provide service in the UK only and will give users quick access to Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, and, with eBay support coming soon.

How does INQ1 compare with the iPhone? Well, the iPhone can basically do everything (and more!) than the INQ1 can. The INQ1 only shows that social networking is becoming part of every day life. It's fairly mind-blowing to think that, in the near future, phones may be created for the sole purpose of connecting with friends via Facebook, Myspace etc etc. Whatever happened to the days of simply calling a friend to say "hello"? Those days are gone...

Katy Lynch
Community Manager

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