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Holiday Travel Tips '08

"I'm leaving on a jet plane"
Traveling is a lot of fun, but there are a few crucial things you should know before you step on board your flight and explore the world and all it has to offer. Here are some useful Holiday travel tips that will serve you, and your friends, well!
- Airlines just reduced rates by 25% , so booking during the Holidays is a fantastic idea!
- Don't forget to search smaller airports that are in the vicinity of your destination

- Book at least 21 days in advance to secure on average a 25% reduced fare

- Watch out for Blackout Dates. Most common for Thanksgiving are November 30 and December 1

- Surf the net! Keeping your options open by researching several different websites for travel deals and travel times ... get the travel deal that best suits you!
- Leave early and / or know alternative routes to airport . There's nothing worse than leaving everything, including packing your luggage at last minute. Make sure you know alternative routes if roads / highways are congested with traffic.

- Don't weigh yourself down with luggage. Make sure you pack lightly, avoiding any hassle in and out of airports, hotels, and vehicles.
- (A personal fave) If possible, avoid lines during the Holiday rush ! Waiting in line grows tiresome and you don't have to do it if you have an e-ticket for the airport. As aforementioned, the internet is a useful tool for researching deals, flights, hotels, renting cars or vans.
- Avoid traveling during peak travel times. The best times to travel are early in the morning or fairly late at night. This way, you will avoid traffic during the peak times of the day (early afternoon - early evening).
- Saving $$$$. The best way to save money during the Holiday period would be to research and buy packaged deals. These come in various forms. Orbitz does a phenomenal job of providing travelers with various packages on flights, vehicle renting, complimentary meals and hotel stays, cabin renting and more.
- Be prepared for the worst at airports. By worst, I mean DELAYS! During the holidays, flight traffic can be a nightmare, so it's always best to have a back-up plan while waiting to board your plane / waiting for flight takeoff. Stock up on books, music, or magazines so you have entertainment while you wait!

Traveling during the Holidays really doesn't have to be a nightmare if you have time to plan and prepare everything. In fact, traveling during the Holidays should be a pleasant, hassle-free experience. If you feel that you would like to add anything to this list, or you just want to talk about some of the things mentioned on my list, please feel free to comment on this post below.
Safe and happy travels,
Katy Lynch
Community Manager

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